Darjeeling In 2024: A Little Travel Guide

Darjeeling In 2024: A Little Travel Guide

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The queen of hills in Northeast India, Darjeeling is one of the most visited hill stations in the country. From steam trains to cable cars, from adrenaline-pumping rides to delicious food, Darjeeling has a lot to offer travelers from any destination. And guess what, Darjeeling in December will be twice as interesting and interesting to the attention of tourists. You don’t believe us? So, see what you can do in this beautiful city in December to experience the unique culture and beauty that draws travelers here every year.

We have tried to include all the fun that Darjeeling has to offer in December and you can check out this site. Although we couldn’t fit them all in one blog, we tried to capture most of the beautiful greenery, hills, rhododendron valleys and beautiful views of Khangchendzonga!

The Weather Of Darjeeling In December

Winter is the time to visit and the best time to visit Darjeeling is December. The cold weather is bearable and pleasant, making the city a paradise for winter lovers. The average temperature at this time is between 2.5 and 11.2 degrees Celsius, and many interesting things have been opened. The weather and temperature in Darjeeling in December do not go hand in hand. In fact, January is the best time for snow in Darjeeling. But when it snows in Darjeeling in December, the magical hilltop town turns into a snow wonderland!

How To Travel to Darjeeling

With Darjeeling being one of the most visited hill stations in India, travelers have no problem reaching this paradise. Let’s look at the ways to reach Darjeeling in December by different means of transport:

By Air

The nearest airport in Darjeeling is 95 km away. The airport offers direct flights from major Indian cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati and Mumbai and is the best option to reach most of the destinations you will be visiting in Darjeeling in December . landing in the countryside Darjeeling airport can be reached in three hours by car. Buses and cars are available at Badoogra to take tourists to Darjeeling at low prices.

By Road

Darjeeling can be reached by bus or taxi from cities like Siliguri, Bagdogra, Kurseong, Kalimpong and Gangtok. Buses run to these nearby cities at affordable prices and take travelers on convenient and convenient routes. From these cities, you can take a bus or taxi to reach Darjeeling in an easy and fun journey.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Darjeeling is New Jalfiguri in Bagdogra which is 73 km from Darjeeling every day you can easily take a 9 AM to Darjeeling and reach there at 4:15 PM. Passing through beautiful hills and green areas, the new Jalpaiguri railway station connects Darjeeling to the center of the country with trains to and from Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata , Guwahati and Kochi. Darjeeling is easily accessible by bus and train stations.

What Can Do In Darjeeling In December?

The fun in Darjeeling doesn’t end in winter, especially in December. There are so many places to see and do in Darjeeling and it will become a tourist delight both in December and in the summer months. There are many activities for adventure, fun and honeymoon in Darjeeling in December. Here are some of the best things to do when traveling to Darjeeling in December:

1. The Exciting Festivals Of Darjeeling

Everything About Darjeeling Tourism, The City In Foothills Of Himalayas
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In the month of December, Darjeeling hosts two major festivals, attracting locals and tourists alike to watch and participate. Teesta Tea and Tourism Festival and the Darjeeling Orange Festival are usually organized in the month of December every year and it is a real effort of the Government of West Bengal to promote tourism in these areas and to sell the two important products that are live in Darjeeling. . These festivals allow travelers to enjoy the true nature of the Darjeeling festival.

  • Teesta Tea Tea & Tourism Festival: The landscapes of Darjeeling are changing with the organization of large markets where different varieties of tea are sold. The air is filled with the delicious aroma of world famous Darjeeling tea, as well as local North East cuisine such as momos and thukpa. The celebrations are dominated by toy train rides, tea stalls, and food stalls selling local food and traditional specialities. People are also educated on the arduous process of making tea and how the tea industry contributes to West Bengal’s economy and income generation.
  • Darjeeling Orange Festival – As the name suggests, the festival revolves around this juicy fruit, where farmers from more than 50 villages around Darjeeling come together to promote and sell their produce. The locals try to make the festival more attractive by organizing cultural performances during the fair, as well as educating people about the varieties, properties and preservation methods of the oranges produced in the Darjeeling region. And by the way, these are not ordinary oranges. The ones that grow there are smaller, brighter and even sweeter compared to those in other parts of India.
  • Christmas: Darjeeling sees the peak season from December 23 to the first week of January each year due to the New Year’s Eve peak. The streets are bathed in multicolored colors and all the shops and restaurants are bathed in lights and festive colors and begin to present special menus and discounts to attract customers. Bakeries start preparing special holiday dishes such as plum cakes, puddings, cakes, cookies and sweets, while hotels energize with Christmas carols, cultural dances, special dinners, bonfires, band performances, live music and other delights for the guests.

2. Beautiful View from Tiger Hill

Darjeeling Tiger Hill Sunrise and Hike | Ashmita Trek and Tours
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Everyone knows that Tiger Hill in Darjeeling offers beautiful sunrise views during the summer months. What they don’t realize is that these ideas grow in popularity in December! Yes, the weather in Darjeeling in December at Tiger Hill is cooler than in the summer months, but things might be worth it! Don’t miss Tiger Hill and the 4th for these unique experiences. Watch the sunset on the snowy peak of Kanchenjunga and illuminate it with beautiful colors, while bringing you a joyful hug. Visiting Tiger Hill is one of the best things to do while honeymooning in Darjeeling at the end of December.

3. Visit The Amusing Batasia Loop & Ghoom Station

Must Visit Places in Darjeeling - Batasia Loop | Sterling Holidays
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Although of great historical importance, Batsia Loop is another unique place that travelers will want to visit on a tour of Darjeeling. And a great selection of tours in Darjeeling! It is a famous train station in Darjeeling with an outdoor Gurkha War Memorial in the middle. This ceremony was held in honor of the country’s military personnel who lost their lives during World War II and World War II. Watching the little toy train go around the war memorial and go down the hill was great fun.

4. Take A Car Ride On Delightful Cable

Darjeeling Ropeway » Inside Darjeeling
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The best way to see Darjeeling’s sights is the Darjeeling Ropeway, or Ringit Valley Cable Car, as seen here. This 45-minute journey will take you to an altitude of 7000 feet during this relaxing break and you can enjoy the view of misty valleys with beautiful buildings and famous places like Chowk Bazaar, Ranjit River, Tukwar Village, Singla. Manor Tea, etc. The rope system in Darjeeling is divided into three stations according to its length – low, medium and high, with different running times and scenarios to suit the needs of different travellers.

5. Ride The Toy Train Through Lush Naturescapes

Darjeeling toy train ride becomes costlier; tourists to feel the pinch -  India Today
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The joy of riding these little toy trains in Darjeeling is unparalleled. Take a scenic drive through the tea gardens overlooking snow-capped hills and beautiful valleys as the cool breeze hits your face and sends you whirling as you drive. You can start your journey at Darjeeling or Gom Station and drive to New Jalpaiguri, passing the beautiful towns and villages of Kursong, Sunda and Tong along the way. You can leave one of the central resorts and enjoy delicious food in many restaurants. Travelers often like to walk down to Ghum itself to get a good view of the surrounding mountains.

6. Delicious Local Cuisines Of Darjeeling

6 mouthwatering dishes to try when in Darjeeling | The Times of India
Image Source : The Times of India

It gives heartfelt answers to your hunger pangs while in Darjeeling. When traveling to Darjeeling in December, you can dine at popular restaurants and taste a variety of finger foods. Taste delicacies like Momos and Sail Roti in Kunga, Thukpa in Dekevas, Aloo Dum at Hasty Tasty, Dalle at Keventers, Nepali Thali and Naga Platter at Revolver, and wines like Tongba and Chang at many bars in Darjeeling. If you’re looking for expensive options, you can enjoy momos and thukpa at street food stalls on almost every corner.

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