Best Hill Stations Near Singapore To Escape The Crowds of The City

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Singapore is a rich and technologically advanced Asian country that is becoming a destination for many tourists. It is also a great place for nature lovers and tourists looking for quiet, private moments. Forests, beaches, islands, hills – this country has it all. To escape the big city, hill stations in Singapore will help you not only escape the heat but also enjoy the beauty of nature.

If you want to explore more hills in Singapore, here are some great places. Singapore could be your next vacation spot, and we’ve listed all the top destinations above.

1. Telok Blangah Hill

This is the perfect start to your mountain adventure. At 106 meters high, Telok Blangah Hill is full of natural beauty. Here you can enjoy the forest that surrounds the park. Alternatively, you can take a walk in the woods on the road next to Hort Park. Underground plants are also hard to miss. Telok Blangah Hill, 274 m high, stands out for its artistic beauty. You will be amazed to see a 360 degree view of Singapore from this garden.

2. Bukit Kalang

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Bukit Kalang is near Bishan-Ang Mo Kew Park in Bishan. Being one of the most beautiful hill stations in Singapore, it is a draw for thousands of tourists. At 30 meters high, it is the highest natural point. Bukit Kalang offers the best opportunity to experience the beauty of the surroundings. People come here to watch the bird fly. There is a bridge called the TreeTop Bridge that spans Bukit Pierce that every visitor should see.

3. Bukit Batok Hill

Bukit Batok Nature Park - Parks & Nature Reserves - Gardens, Parks & Nature  - National Parks Board (NParks)
One of the hills in Singapore, Bukit Batok Hill is steeped in history and is 20 meters high. This is the third highest ranking in Singapore. The Ministry of Conservation has preserved areas of the mountain that tourists can easily access. Small Guilin Park and other places are some of the benefits you can enjoy here.

4. Mount Faber

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Mount Faber, 105 meters high, is an important attraction due to the beauty that surrounds it. The second rainforest includes Mount Faber. It is a place of emergence of various flora and fauna. Rhododendron, Alstonia, Red Flame and Aranga trees are easy to spot. This mountainous area is a great place for nature lovers.

5. Bukit Timah

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One of Singapore’s hills, Bukit Timah, reaches a height of 163.63 meters. Surrounded by the scent of nature, your trip to Singapore will be unforgettable on another level. When you visit Singapore, you’re sure to see a variety of plants, animals, and insects. It is recommended to take a guide so as not to miss any places near this hill. The little hut on top of the Bukit Timah hill is also the best.

6. Imbiah Hill

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One of the most popular places in Singapore is Imbiah Hill. It is located on the island of Sentosa and stands at a height of 110 meters. Hill Imbiah is the perfect honeymoon spot in Singapore if you have a soft spot for butterflies and other beautiful things.

7. Mount Jantan 

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Jantan is the highest point on Karimun Island and can be visited by visiting the Singapore Hill Station. This island is connected by regular ferries. The height of the peak is 439 meters and the journey takes only 3 hours. In clear weather, you can see the Malaysian coastline and the capital of Singapore from the tower. The highest peak in the area is the mountain visible from the road bridge connecting Singapore to Malaysia.

8. Mount Pulai 

Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest (Western Section)
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Mount Pulai also known as Gunung Pulai in Kulai district of JB rises 654 meters above sea level.It is a 90km flight from Singapore.The climb up and down Gunung Pulai is 5km one way and it takes a maximum of four hours. Visitors should note that due to poor hospitality, there is no on-site parking. But it’s worth it, because the mountain soothes the mind with the sight of surrounding plants, animals and buzzing monkeys.

9. Gunung Panti

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Gunung Panti is one of the most famous volcanoes in Singapore. Due to its proximity to JB and Singapore, it is easily accessible by road. The trip took 2 hours, 654 m high, the top of Gunung Panti is very cold and full of clouds in the early morning. This is probably the closest thing to Singapore to a blue sky view.

10. Fort Canning Hill

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Fort Canning Hill is one of the most popular hill stations in Singapore. Once known as Hill Hill. This hill is the headquarters of the Far East Command and the headquarters of the British Army. Nearby Fort Canning Park has nine famous gardens, such as Artisan Garden, Pancur Larangan, Sang Nila Utama Garden, Jubilee Park (Level 1), First Botanic Garden, Spice Garden, Raffles Garden, Farquhar Garden, and Armenian Park. Don’t miss the ASEAN Sculpture Garden here.

If you are planning to visit these hilly places as honeymoon destinations in Singapore, you should bring your best camera. These places will fill you with new emotions and encourage you to experience the beauty of nature and peace.

An added bonus is that all guests can use electronics. You can plan your visit to the best hill stations in Singapore without worry. Needless to say, the hills of Singapore won’t spoil you.

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