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10 Thing I learnt travelling solo through Europe

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It may seem strange to some that he traveled alone to one of the most romantic cities in the world and then went on a date to a place that many dream of visiting with their partner. But over the last year of traveling, I’ve discovered that I make a great companion. So I went to Paris to treat myself! No One Stops Me: A Weekend in the City of Love.

I often go on trips with other people. Nothing makes me happier than sharing the joy of discovery with someone I love. Do you want your partner to be as passionate about travel as you are? Look how!

After all, it is said that the quality of your close relationships determines the quality of your life. And nothing brings people together like shared experiences.

When you travel, discover new cultures, and experience exciting adventures, it’s inevitable that you’ll turn to the person you’re with… but like many people who take a long trip around the world, I sometimes travel alone.

Here are the top 10 things I learned while traveling alone:

1. My Likes and Dislikes

As someone who is always a people pleaser and always wants everyone to be happy (maybe you can relate?), it was a strange but eye-opening experience when I took my first solo trip through the ‘Europe. Since then, I have traveled alone to some of the best places in the world.

For a little while, it was just me. There was no one to care for. There is no other current of opinion to take into account. I woke up and did exactly what I wanted to do every day. My itineraries focused solely on how I wanted to travel and what I loved. There was no one to rush me. If I just wanted to stand in awe of a painting in the National Gallery in London for a moment, I could.

It made me stop and think about what type of travel I prefer. My likes and dislikes became more clearly defined and developed. My sense of identity became stronger.

If no one else is making the decisions, what do you like to do just for yourself?

2. Being alone doesn’t have to be scary

Realizing that you can take care of yourself can do wonders for your self-esteem.

You can make your own decisions and solve your own problems.

Figuring things out on your own doesn’t have to be bad or scary. This can be enriching and educational. In fact, planning your own routes and deciding how to spend your time can be a form of self-discovery.

Consciously choosing to act boldly can be difficult at first, but it soon becomes much easier.

Live boldly and boldly. We shouldn’t be afraid of being alone.

3. I gained confidence


Maybe you always get lost and laugh and say, “Oh, I’m terrible at directions” or “Oh, I’m terrible at understanding public transportation.” » I did it for years.

But when I found myself alone in the Middle East, surrounded only by Arabic-speaking people and having to drive through multiple cities to catch a flight… you better believe I learned. I stopped apologizing and managed to make it happen.

Stop saying “I can’t” and do it. Somehow you understand it and your confidence grows.

You really learn to trust your own abilities.

I no longer reinforce the idea that I’m bad at something or pretend that I can’t learn. If millions of people have discovered the Istanbul metro station, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t discover it too. Just watch me figure it out.

This new confidence has extended to all areas of my life. Find out how my newfound confidence has made me an even better friend, confidant, and friend.

4. I enjoy my own company

I have always been a people person and spent a lot of time with my friends. It wasn’t until I started traveling alone that I realized I enjoyed my own company so much. I mean, I always considered myself “funny,” but hey! It’s even fun to hang out with me when no one else is around! Just me, me and I, having a good time.

Before traveling alone, the idea of going to dinner or going to the movies alone seemed strange to me. But now I feel comfortable (and even enjoy) doing things like this from time to time!

5. You’re never actually alone

When you travel alone, you always end up making friends. It’s inevitable.

People are fascinated when they see you traveling alone. They will want to hear your stories and get to know you.

You’ll be surprised how many friendly souls show up, help you when you’re lost, show you around a new city, or invite you to join their fun!

I’ve been invited to several weddings by new friends I met abroad, drank beers with strangers, and spontaneously had dinner parties with people I’d just met! I spent entire days exploring with new friends and ended up completely changing my plans to continue traveling with them. You may start your journey alone, but you won’t stay that way for long.

6. If you’re bored, it’s your own fault

Some people may say that traveling alone seems lonely or boring. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, this could involve traveling alone for extended periods of time. But for a change of routine, to try something new and to experience a well-deserved dose of adventure: a solo trip is ideal! Plus, we live in a world of endless possibilities. Every day you can wake up and start a different project, read a different book, or explore a new place.

If you pretend that there is nothing stimulating around you, then you have become ungrateful. It’s time to practice some gratitude, my friend!

Take a piece of paper and write down ten of your greatest blessings. When you’re done, make a list of ten things you want to accomplish and get to work. There is no reason to waste our most precious resource, our time, under the false pretext of boredom.

7. Stay Present

When we’re alone at a restaurant or event, it’s easy to pull out our phone and mindlessly scroll through social media. This feels safer than sitting alone confidently and opening yourself up to interaction.

But I urge you to fully engage in the present moment. To pay attention. Notice things. Discover all the wonders of the world unfolding before your eyes.

Happiness lies in the present moment, in “here and now”.

Stay present when you travel and discover the exponential difference it makes in your life.

8. You can grant your own wishes

If you’ve always dreamed of traveling abroad, you can do it. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, there are options! And even if your friends can’t take time off work, you can go yourself. (And always have fun!)

There is no reason to sit around and wait for someone else to make your wishes come true. There absolutely is a way and you are the only person needed to put the plans into action. Get to work!

9. The Media falsely makes us afraid of “others” 

Especially in the United States, the media makes you feel like anyone who isn’t like you is bad, scary, or untrustworthy.

They tell us that traveling to other countries is not safe. But these opinions are formed by people who haven’t even traveled.

Ask anyone who has been to Egypt if they feel safe. The answer is most likely yes. After an initial culture shock, I enjoyed my time alone in Egypt and I fully intend to return.

10. Traveling isn’t always pretty, but it changes you for the better

 You could get lost (often) or get sick abroad. Maybe you sometimes feel homesick, sad, or lonely.

But you can embark on a journey that will change you for the better and force you to grow and develop as a person. You’ll meet people from all walks of life, form lasting friendships, and maybe even fall in love sometimes.

Adventure awaits if you are brave enough to start.

See you all over the world!

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